Wednesday Wonderings For 5/18/2016

May 18, 2016

It’s almost spring and I’ve still got plenty to go on about.  Today we talk about plans and upcoming goals and a bit of a sentimental moment on Castle.

  • Sometimes I wonder who actually takes the time to read my rambling.  More curiosity than anything.  Where the readers are from?  Have we ever met in person?  Do people like it when I talk about certain subjects more than others?  Do I make myself out to be a buffoon?  I’m assuming the answer to that last one is usually yes.  Anyway, I do appreciate that people seem to be taking the time to read what I post here and are getting something out of it.  Or at least I hope they are.
  • Got a bit choked up watching the last episode of Castle.  It wasn’t even really that good of a story.  Representative of the season really.  Felt like it should be a lot better than it was, but the qualities that made the show what it was were just… too forced.  This season did have a couple of good stories, but it didn’t come naturally.  Not even a real good twist at the end.*  I have gotten a bit more sentimental about this than I expected.  Hopefully I’ve had enough of that.  To quote Sherlock, “Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side.”  But then again, Sherlock does go rescue Irene Adler at the end.  So… Who knows?  Anyway, farewell Castle.  It was fun.  If anything, you taught me to look for the twist in the story rather than just settle for what is right in front of me.
  • Been doing some more actual drawing lately.  Think I’ll start reposting Order of the Dragon on Facebook, putting new pages on there for the time being.  I haven’t drawn as much as I would like lately, but I have had a bad habit of burning myself out when I actually get on a roll.  Also, sitting at the computer for that long is more of strain on me than I would like.  Trying to balance and diversify my creativity.  Probably going to work on novels as a bit of a balancer.  Or try to get more collaborative.  I don’t know, my hours are eschew from the rest of the world, so that’s a challenge.  Even the couple of people that work similar hours and could be good for that type of thing have a completely different sleep cycle.  I should move on from my current job, but I like getting paid $20+ an hour.
  • Had a pretty decent recovery from getting sick last week.  Nasty stomach bug, I didn’t lose much ground at the gym.  I benched my max–155 lbs–on Friday and got out one rep, down from the four or five I have been managing in the past month or so.  Overall a good sign that I didn’t lose too much.  Had some good workouts, making some decent progress.
  • Got a brand new grill/smoker going.  Grilled up some stuff last weekend.  Going to try to actually get the smoker aspect going next weekend, try that out.  Chicken more than likely.  The summer is nearly upon us, so I will be grilling at every opportunity.  I’m shopping around for a trailer so I can make my grilling operations mobile, should get that done soon.  Might also try to get some side work going with some yard work or something along those lines.  Mostly I just want to make sure I’m not going to use it for one thing.  Rather have some long term options to work with.  That’s kinda my next phase right there: Get it so I start using this array of equipment and gear I have for some regular purpose and make back some of the money I’ve put into accumulating it all.  Kinda why I’ve held off on the kayak and more recreational stuff for now.  Maybe soon if all goes extremely well.  Trying to create a diversity of endeavors to keep myself balanced and avoid burning out.
  • I got some vacation time coming up–the week of Memorial Day, incidentally–so I think that the primary focus of that week will be to get a lot of this in order.  Also have a few things planned or am in the process of finalizing.  No Hamilton though.  Tickets are way too expensive to do that right now.  Maybe October or December.  That’s if all goes well.  They just posted that week’s schedule at work, I suspect there will be a little drama about it.  Mostly in some conflicts I’m not really surprised by.  Just everything has become a much bigger thing than it ever had to be.


*My prediction had been that Loksat was in fact Castle’s “stepmother”, who was playing them from the season premiere.  Made more sense to me than what they did.  Then again, a lot of this season didn’t make sense to me.  I liked the idea of Castle’s father showing up and taking her down at the end, but I’m not a writer on Castle.  I do think that would have brought things more full circle though.


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