Wednesday Wonderings for 5/11/2016

May 11, 2016

A little late with this one.  That is what happens when I spend yesterday doing my best to throw up a lung.  Stomach bug going around.  Did make the last couple hours of works a bit more exciting…

  • Been thinking about that story I posted the first chapter in a lot.  I like this iteration better than the last draft by a considerable margin.  Less of a clunky flow, more like diving right in.  I’m going to keep going with it and the other stuff I’ve been working on.  I think I work best when I have a variety of stuff to work on.  Still no titles in mind yet.
  • Trying to plan some stuff for my vacation time.  One thing I’ve talked about doing is trying to plan a trip to see Hamilton.  Unfortunately, my initial inquiries indicate the tickets are in the neighborhood of $700 a piece at the low end.  Over $3,000 on the high end.  Yeah, I’m a bit disappointed.  On a side note, the Theatre where it is performed is the Richard Rodgers Theatre.  Castle reference.
  • So I was planning to buy a grill, a trailer for my Jeep and/or a kayak this weekend.  I have a credit cards I got through Home Depot and Best Buy I rarely if ever use, so I figured I would put some of that to use.  On top of that, I got a notice in the mail that the limit on both cards has gone up by $1500.  Not that I’ve been using them that much anyway, there’s about $140 on the Home Depot card right now–most of that was from getting my chainsaw and is only still on there for budget management reasons–and the only thing on the Best Buy card is this computer.  My unbelievably expensive computer, but still.*  The higher limit does create a bit more opportunity for flexibility.  Spending smart could create opportunities later on.  So I might splurge a bit, try to offer out my services as a “grill-for-hire” or something like that.  Basically just looking for ways to create new opportunities.  Or just play with new toys.
  • Thinking about the election a bit.  If Hillary Clinton does indeed get the nomination for the Democrats, I have no idea who I would vote for.  As I’ve previously stated, I see her and Trump as very much the same.  What we have are two power hungry individuals on an ego trip.  A lot of the same weaknesses.  I don’t particularly believe either of them would be good for this country.  Still hoping Bernie Sanders will pull off something special.  Personally, I think he has the right ideas in a lot of ways.  Whether or not he can accomplish them…  Also, Maine Democrats voted to get rid of superdelegates?  Or at least trying to.  I need to read up on that.  Anyway, I think it’s a good sign.  Superdelegates have been a joke for a long time and it is good to see some steps away from them.


*Part of the reason I almost had an aneurysm when I spilled some tea on it.


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