April 25, 2016

Just a bit of a funny story today.

Let’s go back to January of 2015.  On a day like any other, I decided I was going to check out some cars.  For a long time I had begun to suspect I was reaching the point where I might cross that line into paying more for the upkeep my 2004 Jeep Liberty than I paid to get it in the first place.  Plus I wanted a shiny.  Browsing the lot at my lodge Dodge/Jeep dealer, I had one catch my eye.  a 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.  Black with blacked out grill and wheels.  Complete with trailer and tow hitches.  That was what really drew my attention to it.  The hitches.  Even came with a nylon cable for the job.  Mostly, I just thought they looked cool.  I call it the Night Rider, loosely inspired by the Mad Max character.

Fast forward to Sunday of this week, a coworker asks me out them–if I special ordered them or if it was a promotional thing or what.  I’m reasonably certain it was a bit a promotional thing.  Anyway, I told him that it was just because they looked cool.

Being Sunday, I went straight from work to breakfast with my parents.  Usual deal with my parents, grandparents and an uncle.  My parents went to get my grandfather, and that is where things go awry.  He had already eaten and was gung-ho to do some stuff for another uncle’s farm.  My parents caught up with him in a rutted out driveway to one of the farm’s hayfield, and proceeded to get my Dad’s Chevy Cruze stuck.  Meeting up at the diner, I got the whole story.  Next thing you know, I’m down by the hayfield, pulling Dad’s car out of the ruts with my Jeep.  Basically just getting him out of the one big rut.

Still, made use of something I never really thought I would.  And by the laws of nature, I am required to give Dad shit about this for awhile.


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