April 23, 2016

Mostly food and working out thoughts today, couple of things that stuck out to me.

Earlier this week I saw something about a guy setting a world record for planking.  He maintained the position for five hours, fifteen minutes, fifteen seconds.  A 57 year-old, former Marine.  Planks are good for building stability in the core area.  I usually can stay in position for roughly a minute before I feel like I am in some bizarre medieval fetish torture position.  I think my best time is one minute, ten seconds.

Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to make a Pesto Chicken recipe I saw on food.com–I should spend less time on that site, just makes me hungry.  Got all the ingredients today, planning to make that up tomorrow.  Will be going with my usual stratagem for new recipe:  First two or three time will follow the recipe fairly close, after that begin making tweaks.  Already got an idea or two for tweaking this one, but I’m going to see how it goes first.  Also going to try to make the baked french fries with sweet potatoes instead.

Ordered some stuff on Amazon the other day.  The big item was a set of “Meal Prep” Containers.  Essentially I ordered twenty largish two compartment leftover containers.  Makes me feel more professional if I call them “Meal Prep” containers.  Should be good to have.


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