Wednesday Wonderings For 4/20/2016

April 20, 2016

Part of me wants to giggle about it being 4/20

  • Been working on some drawings, Order of the Dragon stuff, working on the novel.  Been slow lately.  My focus has been on reorienting my diet lately, getting that up to snuff.  While I attribute the majority of my health issues to a lack of sleep, the diet still needs a bit of work and might help the focus issues.  It has improved considerably though.  Kind of proud of the fact that I think it has been nearly a year since I ate at McDonald’s or something of a similar ilk–I don’t really count A&W, Starbucks or Al’s French Fries.  Also still a sucker for Chinese.  Might be a couple more months on a year without fast food though.  Getting away from fast food is an achievement.  Mostly I’ve just been doing more cooking and looking up some new recipes.  Saw this recipe for a Nutella protein “pie-cookie” thing I really want to try.  Another fitness model one from Facebook.  Also got this peanut butter spread stuff called nuts ‘n more.  Salt and Caramel flavored.  High protein, I’ve seen it recommended on FB and Instagram.  Something different I wanted to try.  Enjoyed it so far.
  • Thinking about getting a dog.  Something I could go running with, do some cardio, annoy my cat.  Unfortunately a cat was probably already pushing it in my current living situation, so I will probably have to wait until I’ve got my housing situation a bit more independent.  And they are ungodly expensive.  Thought about getting that ball rolling over the last couple of years, but I have been living places that didn’t allow dogs or wasn’t sure that was something my girlfriend at the time was interested in.  Hinted at it once or twice, didn’t get anywhere.  Her farm had three running around already.  Anyway, I’m starting to look into it.  A Shepherd or Husky or something like that.  Looked around on Petfinder a bit, saw a couple I liked the look of.  There was a listing for a Great Dane Mix named Thor.  Fate?
  • Stana Katic is leaving Castle.  This makes me sad.  Not surprising though.  Given the overarching storyline of this season, this might be the last season–She is a critical part of the show.  The whole season has felt fairly forced to this point.  I only really watch Castle anymore out of respect for a previous relationship.  When we were at our best, I thought she and I had this Castle and Beckett thing going on–closest I’ll ever get to being like Nathan Fillion.  Anyway, this season has felt like they couldn’t quite wrap it up last season and are trying to get it done now.
  • Been working on my employee review stuff for work.  Had to answer a bit of a questionnaire about what jobs I know, what my goals are and how the company can help me reach them.  Trying to keep it diplomatic.  I’m gently explaining a lot of things to them.  Hopefully some it sinks in.  I typed three, double-spaced, size 12, Times New Roman pages for them.  I probably could have broken beyond three pages, but I was trying to keep it simple and diplomatic as I tried to explain to them I was pressured into this job and never really had that much interest in the first place.
  • Somewhat related note: This week’s key phrase is: set up to fail.  It was a phrase somebody said to me at work that has stuck with me.  There have been a few moments that make it clear that some people have been essentially doing this to me.  I don’t believe it is anything against me–in most of those cases I know I was better than the alternative and/or clearly capable of succeeding.  I look at the histories of these people and others–coworkers, exes, friends and loved ones–you just see where that is just a part of their cycle.  They make the situation one where they can never be pleased or have their standards met.  They move on when people have failed them and start the cycle all over again.  Another reason that I hate to give up on people and believe they can never do better.  That feeling of being let down can be as much a comforting addiction as anything, reaffirming fundamental beliefs.

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