An Experiment

April 17, 2016

Lovely day today.  Definitely feels like the type where I won’t want to go to sleep later on.  Testing a theory that if I do a post and get some thoughts out, I might sleep better.  Probably a vain effort.

  • Might be about time to get the AC set up in my bedroom.  That thing kicks ass.
  • Tomorrow is Patriots Day.  Boston Marathon.  Red Sox play ridiculously early.  Trying to decide if it would be weird to go the bar I watched a game at last week that early in the day.
  • Tried making baked french fries the other day.  Good stuff, will be making them again.  I got the recipe for from Paige Hathaway’s Facebook page.  Her page was the one I got a recipe for Kale Chips from.  See, I’m not just drooling over these hot fitness model types that I follow.  They post some really good recipes.  Admittedly a lot of drooling does happen, but still.
  • Been thinking about the things we say and those things we don’t really say.  At work and in a few other instances, I think the amount of subtext I’ve been getting feels like getting hit by a truck.  Kinda like that deer I saw smeared across the road on my way to work last night–gross analogy, but it sort of works.  Thing is, I have very little interest in chasing down subtext anymore.  A lot of time has been wasted on subtext and in the end it only got me set up to fail.

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