Wednesday Wonderings For 4/13/2016

April 13, 2016

Where the world continues to turn.  Not much really all that exciting.

  • Watched the Red Sox for the first time in a very long time.  It was fun.  Would have liked to see them win.  Given how much they’ve invested in pitching over the last couple of years, it would have been nice to have seen someone consistently throw strikes.  Still, it was fun.  Got to eat some bar food too.  Haven’t done that in awhile either.  It was good.
  • One of the things I’ve been trying to work out in my writings in this blog has been a better understanding of the human mind and how it works.  More to better understand the workings of my own than anything.  Got me researching hypnosis a bit.  Interesting stuff, kinda fun to look into.  Don’t know how effective some of the ideas are, but it is fun to look into.  Might do some more of that.
  • Tried putting Fennel Seeds into my chicken parm stuff last weekend.  Might have used a bit too much, but it came out good.  Going to look up some more stuff I could put those in, as they are supposed to be super good for you.  Also tried Kale Chips again yesterday.  Came out well, did better with the oil this time.  Definitely could become a regular thing.
  • Still trying to get some drawings done.  Last thing I posted that looked any good was some Mouse Guard fan art.  Might do some more of that soon, been on a bit of an MG kick lately.  Volume 3 of Legends of the Guard was pretty damn good too.

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