More Like Guidelines Really

April 2, 2016

Trying to get a more consistent posting schedule worked out beyond just whatever I feel like writing about that day.  I’m trying really hard to avoid spamming people with my nonsense, but I do like getting it out there that I have been getting some thoughts down that I at least find interesting.  I’m thinking one on Wednesday, one on the weekend.

That’s my little blurb, now onto my main point.  I’ve been thinking about rules.  One of my favorite lines from Doctor Who has been “Good men don’t need rules, today is not the day to find out why I have so many.”  We do need rules once in awhile, more that we have an idea where the edge of the path is.  We’re nowhere near good enough for that.  Anyway, I’m going to just outline and explain a few points about some rules I’ve been trying to follow.

One:  Whenever possible, turn a weakness into a strength.  In any case, I always look for ways to better myself.  Even if the chance to exercise those improvements is denied, I try to continue with learning.  I always considered an ability to learn and adapt to be one of the best human traits.

Two:  Follow through.  Get shit done, basically.  This is an interesting one.  Kinda a baseball reference–finish the motion–but it applies to real-life.  This kinda brings me to a bit of an anecdote.  My ex has still has a few things of mine that she has claimed she wants to get back to me.*  I have provided her with my address and suggested our various mutual contacts as intermediaries.  Yet nothing has happened in almost two months.  Yesterday, I contacted her, telling her to keep the stuff.  She might have reasons, but at the end of the day it is clear she has no interest in getting things done.  Hell, we would probably be married with a kid or three right now if she was.  Point is, get shit done and have some integrity to do so.

Three:  Never try to solve problems in the middle of the night.  Kind of a common sense thing.  If you try to solve too many problems in the night, you easily go too far one way or the other, losing the point.  Plus it is entirely too tempting to take a nap.  Nap-time: The only real solution.

Four:  No stagnation.  Keep moving forward.  Make better situations.  Create a new adventure.  You cannot hide in a comfort zone.

Five:  Maintain balance.  People are at their best when their mind and body are balanced.  This can entail a lot, but you have no balance in your life, you’re lost.


*Extra thought:  This was in the same exchange where she accused me of “trash-talking” her, which I roll my eyes about.  Been thinking about it a bit.  I admit to toeing that line once or twice, but I don’t think I ever went nearly as far as I could.  Was I making lewd references to activities with the Mexicans?  My coworkers did.  Not me.  I tried to keep it to commentary about my mental and emotional state and hers in relation to that.  If I went beyond that, it was not my intent and I deleted most if not all of the blurbs that potentially went too far.  I guess that would be perception as much as anything, she saw what she wanted to see and thought what she wanted to think of me.


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