Wednesday Wondering for 3/30/2016

March 30, 2016

Same deal as ever, just rambling about whatever catches my interest.

  • Chugging along on some art, planning to do some special projects later this week.  Order of the Dragon stuff, plus some a drawing or two I have put off for way too long.  There are/have been certain subjects I have been very reluctant to try drawing.  Some of it is that it might be too difficult of a challenge to pull off, but at times I’ve tried to avoid getting into areas of too much emotion.  That’s a mistake.  Pushing through and getting this shit done only makes me better.
  • I don’t know if I succeeded or not in explaining American politics with the analogy of computer coding.  I think I was close though.
  • The economic reforms Bernie Sanders wants to implement are not so ridiculous as people like to believe.  Socialism has and can work here.  In fact, it is probably responsible for the most prosperous time in our country’s history.  A lot of the New Deal was socialist policy and that did succeed in keeping the country going until World War II got us out of the Depression.  But I’m thinking more after WWII though.  Programs like the GI Bill actually enabled more people than ever to receive an education or buy a house or start a business.  Socialist programs like that helped build the economic success of the fifties and sixties while also educating the people that would bring about the cultural shifts people remember that period for.  The wealthy paid a higher tax percentage in this time as well.  The thing people don’t realize is that Bernie Sanders is actually trying to get back to what has worked and take it a step further.  It is only part of the process, but a step in the direction we need to go.  Or at least that’s my thought and why I support Bernie.
  • Enough politics, onto food.  Made Ranch Chicken for the time in over a year last Saturday.  It was sooooo goooood.  I am lucky no one was around to see me eating it.  Lesson learned about trying to make out with a piece of chicken.  Baked up some potatoes in Parsley, Oregano and Black Pepper as well.  That came out a little bland, but it was still good.  Got plenty of leftover chicken, might make some garlic bread to go with that later this week.  Partly an excuse to use my new garlic press.
  • Might get the kayak shopping done next weekend.  I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile now, if it looks good like good weather I might get that done.  Mostly I just don’t want to be in the rain or snow trying to put together a rack on top of the Jeep.  Or not if we get this “arctic vortex” or whatever in the next few days.
  • Resisting the temptation to email about the job on my ex’s farm.  If I did, it would be more to say hi to her parents than anything.  Would probably have the added effect of pissing her off, but I have other ways to do that.  And I’m doing good not to engage in those.  At least not intentionally.  The job did fit right with my interests though.  Grazing rotations… maybe looking into reseeding some of the fields with a heartier grass with the idea of reducing some dependency on grain and corn… I could have had fun with it.  Which reminds me, I should look and see if NOFA has any events coming up this spring.  The pasture walk thing I did last summer was actually a lot of fun.

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