Binary Politics

March 28, 2016

The country has operated on a two party system for the longest time.  Democrats and Republicans.  Liberals and Conservatives.  A binary pattern of basic ones and zeroes.  0101010101.  I’ve been thinking that’s been changing for awhile now.  I recently read an article that agrees with what I’ve been saying.

The coding of American politics is starting to get more complex.  The people grow weary of establishment politics.  They make more variations in the code.  On the left, we have a greater number of zeroes as a socialist element is introduced.  This causes any number of glitches as the older code does whatever it can to maintain normal functioning, even if that means it ceases functioning.  Same thing happens on the right, where more ones are introduced.  The overall code has to grow more complex to account for all the variations as it continues to evolve.

Bit of an analogy I’m coming up with to explain the way American politics is functioning right now.  You look at the political landscape, you see this happening all the time.  Bernie Sanders getting votes in those numbers has been a shock to the Democrats.  They’ve tried to knock him out repeatedly, but he keeps going.  Same thing with Trump on the right.  The only thing that appears to be happening is that they are damaging their basic foundations.

I’m calling this election a series of growing pains, as the system grows more complex.  As the Democrats try to force out Sanders, they increase the likelihood of disenfranchised democrats branching off to form a true Socialist or Progressive Party–take your pick–in response to their frustration with the process.  On the Republican side, you could see Rand Paul and Gary Johnson organize Libertarians into their own party.  We could see a lot of things happen.  Communists, Utilitarians, Whigs, Fascists, whatever else people might come up with…  Imagine a Senate no longer limited to Republicans and Democrats.  You might completely negate the concept of a Super majority.  A veto override?  It creates a situation where Congress would have to be a lot more careful what goes into a bill before passing it.

But that’s just an idea.  With what passes for a primary process among the Democrats and the Republicans though, I think we’re seeing that possibility more.


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