Easter Sunday

March 27, 2016

I’m beginning to realize that holidays in general are kinda weird.  Easter is in the sense that they do not have a set day for it.  I’d imagine that there’s some kind of controversy or has been among the upper echelons of Christianity about what the date for Easter should be.  I’m actually almost certain there has been, but don’t really feel like reading up on it right now.  Anyway, happy Easter.

Easter was celebrated in the customary fashion, I woke up and declined to go to Church.  I made some crack about Zombie Jesus day and was told I was going to Hell for it.  Dad was told this too, but for different reasons.  Then a family gathering with the usual goings on.  Nothing terribly spectacular.

On a more serious and personal note, I find myself evaluating the ideas of resurrection.  I’ve spoken about having a crisis of identity the last year or so, figuring out who I was.  I’m not saying I was crucifying myself or anything, but on some level I did put myself on trial for the way a number of things went down.  I said something about how I was done doing penance or atoning for mistakes.  I think working midnights for so long was more of a punishment than anything.  I mean, it sure as fuck isn’t because I’m good at it or that I want to do it.

The time is past due for me to be the Man.  At the end of the day, that is what I had forgotten.  I am the Man.  People are going to start figuring that out soon, if they haven’t already.

Just a thought.  We all go through resurrections of our own on a regular basis.  Happy Easter.


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