March 25, 2016

In my Wednesday post, I was discussing a bit of work drama that had a been getting annoying.  There were a few things I wanted to expand on in that blurb and chose not to due to the fact that I did not want basically shove a full essay into a general post like that.  That would be monumentally annoying.  There were still a few points to expand on and get into a little more detail about.

First off, there was one sentence that has really hung with me over the last day or two that I wanted to expand on.  It was “They strike me as the type whose girlfriends are as much surrogate mothers as anything.”  This was a statement I really could have expanded on a lot.  It was based on an observation of having seen one of these guys getting food out of the vending machine on a regular basis–the other I suspect would have been if he didn’t have a girlfriend.  I am merely stating that there is a habit among men to look for certain things in a significant other.  Someone that can cook, clean, do all the laundry–all the domestic stuff basically so the men can do the “real work.”

That’s a poisonous notion in today’s world.  On some level, I like to think an unexpected benefit of feminist movements has been that is has pushed more men to learn to cook and clean and do the laundry or whatever else.  But, there are still a lot of men who struggle with that and are looking for someone to take over all those tasks.  It not so much a gender role thing as a basic element of survival.  Despite living with my parents at the moment, I do most of my own cooking and I prefer it that way.  As I said at one point or another, there is a spirituality to cooking that people–myself included–need.

The other thing I wanted to touch on is where I get today’s title from.  There are any number of conflicts that could be resolved by simple means.  But that only happens when people man up to their responsibility and get things done.  In the sequence of events I vaguely outlined the other day, I touched on this.  Everybody can learn to do better and do the little things to make the whole situation better.  But that requires an open mind and a willingness to work at it.  As I said, a lot of people in the sequence of events could have handled themselves better.  Workers and management.  CRS stands for “Cranial-Rectal Separation.”  Essentially this is a polite way of me telling someone to get their head out of their ass.  When you get your head out of there and realize that your basically working with a bunch of young kids on probably the most unstable shift at work, you might realize the need for some patience.  And other the side, they realize they still have a lot to learn and can do better.


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