Things Learned, Things Yet To Learn

March 20, 2016

Just going to make lists of things I’ve learned and things I’d like to learn.  Bit of rambling I just wanted to share.

Things Learned:

  • The way to a person’s heart being through their stomach isn’t necessarily exclusive to the male of the species.  I suspect that at times there was a correlation between the amount of real cooking people do for each other the quality in other areas of the relationship.  At least that’s been my experience.
  • I find sometimes that the list of questions you can come up with about people will paint a more accurate picture of the person than any answers you might get.  Why did they do this?  Why haven’t they done that yet?  How did they come to that conclusion?  The more questions you find yourself asking about someone, the more complete picture you can get of their internal conflicts.
  • I’m a good artist, but not anywhere near as I could be.  And I want to be that good.  Maybe I need a muse, but I need to win the soul wars first.
  • I find that I generally get more resistance when I try to do the right thing.  More encouragement to do the wrong thing.  I spent so long atoning for mistakes or doing penance.  I’m done with that.  I have been for awhile.
  • I’ve seen what I might become if I pursue a certain path and I chose not to take that chance.  I will keep my soul, thank you.

Things I would like to learn:

  • Musical Instruments.  I have a guitar I goof off with, but have yet to sit down and learn to properly play the thing.  There’s a local music shop in Bristol where I could potentially get a drum, ukulele, or another guitar.  So many choices.
  • Farming.  I know the fundamentals, but would like to learn more.  Despite how much pressure usually came with it, the best times I had with my ex were probably on the farm.  I would like to try again in a situation where I can just learn and enjoy without the expectations.  Funny story actually, I was looking on Craiglist, and my ex’s farm has a listing for an opening.  And one more fitting with the land use aspects I was more interested in.  Oh well, good for a laugh I suppose.
  • Get caught up on a lot of the newer Magic The Gathering rules that have come up in the last few years.  Every year they seem to come up with new rules and gimmicks.
  • Get better with Web Design and Photoshop.  I know a lot of tricks, but I want to learn more.

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