Meal Prep

March 18, 2016

Meal Preparations.  Kinda touched on this with the 80% of a plan post.  It’s bodybuilding thing where they make most of their meals in advance with carefully measured protein, caloric intake, carbs, and whatever else might be worth worrying about.  I occasionally try some of those recipes with varying levels of success.  Usually for cookies.  Tastes better than one might expect, although cooking with protein powder can be a bitch.  Also figuring sweeteners can be a pain in the ass.  Stevia is way too strong for my tastes.  Anyway, just wanted to go into a bit more detail about my food plan as I try to maximize my efforts in eating better.  Breakfast doesn’t change much.  Yogurt and Oatmeal, although I might try to diversify that a bit, incorporate more fruits.  Snacks obviously happen.

Lunches will probably remain pretty light, likely a smaller portion of dinner from the previous night.  Something like Cheese Steaks make sense.  Basically cut up the ingredients, toss them in a frying pan and go.  Chips or something on the side.

Today I made my usual standby of chicken parm with kale and a heap of garlic.  A bit of heavy thing to make, but I like it.  Pretty basic, most of the work is slicing or breaking up the chicken, garlic or kale.  Solid meal there.  I usually use a 1-1.5 pounds of chicken, a pound of pasta, a pound of pasta sauce–usually Newman’s Own of some variety–a package of mushrooms, a bundle of kale and an arbitrary amount of garlic.  Like I said, most of the work in cutting the chicken and garlic–might invest in a garlic press to make that a bit faster–and breaking up the kale.  Might take twenty minutes to a half hour–depending on organization and prep time–with most of it just stirring the frying pan.  Those amounts might make five to six largish portions, though I could potentially stretch it to seven or eight if I tried.  Would like to get this going with garlic bread as a side.

Hoping when my hours change I will be able to accomplish two things: get back to a more diverse meal plan where it is a bit more balanced and less frozen shit I just have to throw into the oven.  As much as I love my shrimp spring rolls, I’d rather keep those in reserve.  Or for lunches.  That might be a good quick lunch option.  Home cooked stuff usually lasts for more meals anyway.

Here are some ideas I have that I would like to start a rotation with the chicken parm.

Beef Stroganoff–This recipe was one of my standbys.  Usually I added the mushrooms.  Good for several hearty meals.  This one really is just an evening meal if only because it makes me want to pass out.  Very filling.  I always thought it had a good flavor.  Given that it included pasta, just added a veggie like green beans.  Planning to make this to celebrate getting off of nights.

Tacos–Another recipe I like, that I have used before.  This has a good flavor to it as well.  Tacos are versatile in that they can be a good salad type option.  The blue shells are good for some diversity and maybe healthier?  I have to look into that to be sure.  The various items you can add over the majority of the food spectrum, so I never worried too much about a side here.

Ranch Chicken–Fairly simple, another good one.  The flavor tends to bake in quite well.  Bit on the heavy side though.  Usually served with taters and a veggie–carrots or something.

Shepherd’s Pie–Who doesn’t love Shepherd’s Pie?  Everything in one dish.  Never really had a set recipe for it, but I had a bit of luck with it.

I would like to try this, this and this at some point.  Seafood stuff I am intrigued by.

That’s five so far that I’ve actually tried, another three that I haven’t.  I probably won’t be satisfied until I have ten to fifteen to work through.  My goal is to have a system where leftovers cover a certain number of meals.  I don’t like the idea of “Monday is this… Tuesday is that…” I would like to have a varying rotation.

One of my minimal effort options has been a box of Annie’s Mac and Cheese, with tuna or salmon added.  I had a bad experience with the recipe a few weeks ago, where the can of salmon I used had a complete set of vertebrae mixed in with the meat, so that’s one thing that can throw it off.  Needless to say, I’m not using that brand anymore.  Usually add some Cream of Mushroom Soup to thicken it up a bit.  Might try to get away from using a box of Annie’s too often anyways.  I like options that are not necessarily complicated, but complex.  There’s a short list of things I’m not going to make anymore.  Like I said I’m trying to get away from frozen stuff, but I’m always trying to minimize grilled cheese sandwiches or pigs-in-a-blanket or whatever I improvise in five minutes if only because they don’t have any real work to them.  Feeding yourself or someone else is serious business and should involve some effort.  There’s a spirituality and sensuality to cooking and abbreviating the process diminishes that or robs it completely.

I’m always on the look out for new recipes or ideas to try, expand the selection a bit.  May also try to like beans.  I have tried, but most times I’ve tried to like beans I struggle.  Baked beans seem alright, I will try them again.  For some reason beans in chili and tacos bother me more.  Not necessarily that there are beans there, but more the quantity.  That might be the point of chili, but I think too many beans dry out the taco meat too much.  Overrides everything and makes it an unbalanced meal.  Meals are supposed to be about balance.  Starches, Veggies and Proteins balanced out for nutrition.

Grilling is always a good option during the summer–and if during the winter if you got the stuff for it.  I like grilling a little too much.  This summer I intend to master grilling veggies and seafood.  Had some good luck shrimp and grilled up some halfway decent salmon in the past, would like to try some of the various other seafood.  I also really want to try grilling Turkey and Venison.  Just because I want to.

And I have over a thousand words talking about food.  I’m sure some people are going to hate me for this.  I didn’t intend to go that long.


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