My 80% of a Plan

March 12, 2016

So I occasionally talk about how I workout, mostly just general type stuff about what my weight is at or if I’ve reached a new personal best.  Between what I’ve talked about here and the occasional selfie on Instagram–Which I sorta apologize for–I feel as though I’ve got the formation of a post about health and conditioning.  So as I sit here, waiting for my peppermint tea to cool–not that much of a hipster to drink it before–I figured I would go into a bit of detail about what i try to accomplish and how much success I actually have.

So I’ve been working out for roughly six years.  I really got started the second I could legitimately afford a membership.  I started off pretty haphazard, very uncertain and a bit all over the place while getting more serious over time.  Over time, my routine evolved and eventually I began to start the process of figuring out the diet side of things.

Currently, I do six days a week with Sunday being a rest day.  I have a rotation that basically amounts to the following:





Friday=Chest/Shoulder stuff I didn’t do on Tuesday

Saturday=Legs or cardio or all around day–Usually ends up being an all-around day or Legs.

I usually can’t stand cardio, so I don’t do much during the winter.  Hike or walk when it is warm enough, hoping to do some kayaking this summer.  As meh as Cardio is, I really should do more of it.  True cardio, not just running around like a chicken with my head cut off at work type stuff.

This basically led me to explore the myriad selection of supplements and proteins.  And it is dizzying trying to figure them out.  I try to keep it as simple as possible.  Right now, I am rotating between two or three different pre-workout supplements, currently using Muscle Pharm’s Assault.  During my workout, I will drink a supplement made by Optimum Nutrition called BCAA.  BCAA means Branch-Chain Amino Acids.  These amino acids are used for a variety of things, in bodybuilding they help the body to absorb protein more effectively.  As for the protein itself, I am currently using Optimum Nutrition’s Hydrowhey with a serving or two of creatine mixed.  Creatine is another amino acid the body produces naturally on some level that helps the absorption of protein.  I also take a fairly basic multivitamin, Vitamin Shoppe’s Ultimate Man.  The name is a lot more impressive than the actual vitamin.  It is a decent vitamin but the name is generally overkill.

Not that supplements are the whole picture.  Diet is the key I’m trying to get together right now.  When I get up–hopefully not at twenty-two hundred in the near future–I start off with a breakfast of instant oatmeal and a serving of greek yogurt.  I’m liking the Green Mountain Cremery stuff because it is the least disgusting.  Yogurts can be weird sometimes.  For full meals during the rest of the day, I’ve been getting more into pasta with reckless abandon.  My current favorite is the chicken parm type thing I make with Kale in it–the supposed superfood–and the overload of garlic.  I like it, but I’ve been lamenting lately how I haven’t made Stroganoff lately.  Also have been getting more into seafood, primarily frozen stuff from the grocery store–although there is a nice little market for fresher stuff.  There are these shrimp spring rolls that I get that are really good.  Also have a variety of snacks primarily focused around granola and protein bars.  When cost allows, I’m doing as much of my shopping as possible in organic and natural foods sections.  And drink a lot of water.  Hydration is another key.

The last piece of the puzzle is the one the majority of Americans struggle with: sleep.  Working nights was far from the best decision in that regard.  I already had not been sleeping well for a variety of reasons, and this was one of my worst bad ideas–admittedly, I had encouragement, but it was still a bad decision.  Even with the concerns I had about how I was sleeping before starting to work midnights, I can tell you there is a considerable different in my recovery from illness.  If I got sick before, I was feeling the effects of that for a day or two at most.  Working nights, I’m feeling those effects lingers for majority of a week at minimum.  And I have noticed some behavioral shift.  So, while I have put on some muscle in the last year since going to nights, I’m suspecting I could or should have made more significant gains.

My goal is general to get up to 160 lbs of muscle and basically tweak things from there.  I think I could get up to 180 if I really had a strong desire to do so, but the main point of this is balance.  Using the workouts to improve my focus in writing and drawing.  Maybe there might be a long-term plan where the gym schedule cuts back to four days if I were to be working on a farm or something.  The in I had isn’t really an option anymore, but there are other farms.  Just wanted to outline these goals, explain how they are getting accomplished.

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