Wednesday Wondering for 3/9/16

March 9, 2016

Just general update stuff, some thoughts on current events.  A couple of questions that have been rattling around my head.

  • Today is supposed to be over sixty degrees and raining.  And yesterday I was knocking down some overgrowth from the area where I cut up that tree last fall.  I don’t trust the climate anymore.
  • Can’t go anywhere without hearing about politics at this point.  I’m trying to figure out which party is trying harder to give away the Presidential election at this point.  I find myself struggling to avoid becoming physically ill with some of what goes on.  Grasping for solutions really.  Maybe apply a variation on Godwin’s Law to Presidential Campaigns?  The second you’re seriously compared to Hitler, you’re done?  Or dick measuring equals an automatic disqualification?*  A general rule that less than .5% does not equate to a victory and they should split the delegates?  There’s already been a lot about this election cycle that has made me question so many things about this country.  From both parties.
  • Getting back on track with Order of the Dragon.  Giving thought to revisiting a few concepts I set aside as smaller projects.  The one about my cat’s younger brother springs to mind.  The adventures of the Mustache Cat and his brother Felinus Gigantus should prove to be entertaining.  Their real names are Bug and Loki, but I want to try and create a work that belongs to more than just me–so new names.  Nicer weather might be an unplanned hurdle in those plans.  Might try to start a more traditional slice of life type thing about the gym as well, but that might be a plan for the distant future.
  • Getting excited for Batman V. Superman.  I’m really looking forward to it.  And it should hit during one of my weekends off.  Contingent of course on my hours not changing before then, which I hope they will.  We’ll see.
  • Back in High School, I think it was in Global Studies we watched a slide show covering the events of the Divine Comedy.  I remember the image of Mohammed tearing himself in half, symbolizing his division of Christianity.  I get this feeling that people unconsciously do that everyday.  We try to go so many directions to fill the voids of our daily life, what we end up doing is just tearing ourselves apart.  Just an observation I’ve made in my efforts to better understand people.


*Admittedly that would leave John Kasich on the Republican side, but at least that would be three fewer options that make me want to vomit.


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