Sound Body and Mind

March 7, 2016

I had my monthly pilgrimage to the Dermatologist this morning.  Had developed a pretty extensive case of warts last spring.  He decreed I am sufficiently cleared up enough that I can go back to over the counter methods and no longer need to travel up to Colchester to get blasted with liquid nitrogen–pretty sure that’s what he was using.  Feels good.  Well, except for the two or three blasts he gave me.  Those not so much.  But it is a bit more of an outward sign of improving one of the many health issues that has quietly harassed me over the last year or two.

In semi-related news, the process of me getting off of working nights has officially commenced.  Finally got some acknowledgement about it the other day.  Mostly it was just a situation that did not work for me at all.  Being an operator was something I felt like I had to give a shot, but I’m not one to deny when I’m in a situation that is not good for me–mentally, the commitment was too much of a distraction from the things I really should have been doing.  I’ve been with the company for six years and I like to believe I have earned the right to say, “no, I was better off where I was.”

That should continue to help with my health.  The hit I’ve taken in regards to quality sleep has been substantial, as well as just a few general routine things.  Who knew the big thing I was missing was something as routine as cooking dinner?  You might wonder, “why don’t you sleep in the morning?”  Simply put, the sun comes up, I wake up.  Seriously, I will be dozing off all fucking night and step outside into the sunlight… wake right up and can’t sleep worth shit until 8pm that night.  But anyway, I miss making dinner.  Ranch Chicken, Garlic Bread, Mashed Potatoes, Cheese Steaks, Stroganoff, Chicken Parm, Tacos, Shepard’s Pie… It feels weird making those things around noon.  A lot of that is evening meal material.  And it feels weird to eat dinner around noon–especially the heavier stuff I like to make.

Kinda wonder if that was part of the issue with living in Shoreham.  I was never really there in the evening/night, so it never really felt like I christened it with a proper evening meal.  I did a comic loosely based on some of my feelings living in those months–admittedly, when I wrote about it in the past, I went a little overboard because the face falling off the cat kinda scared the shit out of me after I drew it–and it occurs to me that that might have been an effective way to overcome some of that.

Ties in with my current efforts to revamp my diet.  Essentially I’m trying to eat healthier and take in more calories as I try to add muscle mass.  Unfortunately the erratic and inconsistent sleep cycle does facilitate the proper processing of raw materials in that effort or the recovery from illness.

Anyway, it feels like I am solving problems and getting healthier.  Was going to get a kayak today, but getting the rack set up on the Night Rider in a snow squall seemed less than appealing.  Maybe on my days off, although it might be smarter to wait as I’ll just have to stare at it longingly until I get the chance to use it.


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