Novel Excerpt

February 25, 2016

So I’m working on my novel a bit today, toying with some dialog and I started incorporating elements of a speech I had been getting ready to give in another lifetime.  From the untitled bodybuilding mystery novel I have begun work on.  Bit of an open-ended thing, dealing with relationships.  Very raw, but I’m liking the central message I’m working with here.

Nadine and Ursula sat across the table from one another, staring each other down. Their weekly ritual. They tended to skip most of the legal talk and go right into the staring match.

Why do we do this?” Ursula sneered. “You and Parker both know I’m exactly where I should be. Where he needs me.”

You still think you’re the smartest person in the room,” Nadine mused. “Parker would say that rules you out completely.”

I’ve heard that one before,” Ursula countered. “Got a new Parkerism?”

Nadine smiled as she steepled her fingers together.

You’re his Venus de Milo,” she began. “He said that to me once about you. All the work in hunting you down, tracing your history across the globe… all that was prep work. You know that right? Everything up to catching you was just practice models and sketches before picking up the chisel and setting to work. That was why he didn’t take you down in Boston. On some level he didn’t know quite how to begin. You frustrated him so much. You were intimidating. You were pure intimidation. But that is the way of art. Sometimes you have to walk away and figure out if it is worth it to try again. Not everybody makes the decision to try again. With you, I think he realized you would be his masterpiece. You see, making art isn’t just about the actual piece of art. The process doesn’t just create the art, it creates the artist as well. Parker is always on the edge of being the man he should be. Maybe you two would have made masterpieces of each other. Who knows?”

Or we could have exploded epically.”

I do love fireworks.”


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