Wednesday Wondering for 2/24/16

February 23, 2016

Usual going back to work after my days off scenario–can’t sleep worth shit, so not really that much different than the work week–so I’m going to post tomorrow’s entry early.  It is actually Wednesday somewhere on the planet, so technically it isn’t that early.

  • Deadpool was awesome.  Here’s my review.  Picked up Lucy and Man of Steel while I was waiting around Williston.  Wanted to see Lucy when it was out in cinemas, but never did get around to it for a variety of reasons.  Planning to watch those in the next day or two.
  • Getting the scripts for the first volume of Order of the Dragon wrapped up.  Never mind that I discard half my script by the time I get the first five pages done anyway.  But it will help to develop a real synopsis.  Here’s the synopsis: “The Order of the Dragon has existed for centuries, evolving their mission to include operations as security contractors.  When the leader of the Order is killed–minor spoiler, but I’m like five pages away from it happening anyway–their vampire operative is sent to protect and serve her granddaughter.  As a conspiracy emerges, Nosferatu and other parties begin their descent into world shattering events.”  Liking that so far.  Still working on pages, intending to post some more in the  near future.
  • Hopefully I have a number of plans coming to fruition in the near future.  I think I’m very close to resolving a number of issues that have prevented me from truly being connected to the rest of the world–be a functional element of the world really–and taking the steps I need with the comics and writing.  Guess I will find out this week.  On a related note, had some really good workouts the last week or two.  Getting back where I was after being sick–lost a few pounds, was down under 150 again.  Crawling back up though.
  • Been thinking a bit more about why I support Bernie Sanders.  I know his plans are unrealistic bordering on fantasy at first glance, but I don’t expect most of that.  I like that he intends to go after the banks and the pharmaceutical companies.  Accomplishing anything in either of those endeavors would go a long way.  As for his proposals, I think people need to remember this: he’s been in Congress for a long time and I think he has more willingness to work with both sides than you would think.  That’s how it is supposed to work.  People work together.  Admittedly this was where Obama struggled, but I honestly think Congress could have some more changes than we might expect come November.  As popular as it is to blame Obama, I do think people realize there’s a lot of obstructionist thought in Congress.
  • The Apple thing is a bit troubling to me.  Having recently declared privacy to be a myth, I do find this to be relevant timing on a topical subject.  My first point would be to point out that there is no guarantee of anything useful on said iPhone.  Seems like all that would do is point to people we already know about or burner phones that would provide no real information.  They’ve already accessed Cloud backups and the like, and they supposedly could have done it without involving Apple but managed to reset it or something–not 100% sure what happened there, but I have heard that.  That being said, I think Apple is doing the right thing.  As much as I believe that privacy isn’t something you can rely as a guarantee, it should be clear that there has to be a line not to cross.  It opens a door I don’t believe we should be opening.  We’ve already open too many of those doors.
  • Picked up a copy of the Koran–I think the language is a tricky one to translate, so I think the other spellings are legit as well.  Mostly because I want to understand Islam better.  I feel it would be wiser to study it so I can more accurately wrap my head around the mindsets of the various world issues involved.
  • Those last two bring me to the central point that’s been bouncing around my head the last few days.  People.  I can remember who exactly put forth this concept, but I like to believe people are inherently good and capable of doing great things.  Unfortunately, human nature has given us a tendency to fall in love with bad ideas.  I think it was Antonin Scalia that stated,“I attack ideas. I don’t attack people. And some very good people have some very bad ideas. And if you can’t separate the two, you gotta get another day job.”  I might have disagreed with his opinions, but he had a point.  Perfectly fine people have a bad habit of falling in love with bad ideas.  I freely admit to being guilty of that.  While people can be stubborn as hell, I like to believe there’s no such thing as a truly burned bridge or irreconcilable differences.  Admittedly I’ve burned some bridges pretty thoroughly, but I like to believe there’s always some potential for those to be rebuilt–unlikely, but I like the potential.  People always have new ideas.  Good or bad, ideas change things.  Change people.  And who knows how those new ideas might fit their wants and needs going forward.

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