Deadpool Review

February 23, 2016

The Merc with the Mouth.  Took a week longer than I intended, but I did eventually get to see Deadpool.  It was everything I had hoped for and more.  Admittedly I did feel a small bit of pain when I reflected about how I had a copy of his first appearance that I sold when the movie was first announced and realized how much I might have made today–Hard to complain about $600, more than a 200% profit on my end though.

Deadpool.  The long, strange journey we had from comic to screen has concluded.  It had everything from poorly conceived interpretations of the character to purposely leaked footage.  After so many years, everybody had hopes and dreams riding on this movie.  Trailers indicated we would see them come true, but we needed the movie to be sure.

Overall, it was about as close to perfect as one could hope.  The story was essentially his origin, revealing how he met the love of his life before being diagnosed with cancer and getting tricked into joining a shady program.  From there he gains increased healing while getting disfigured in the process.  From there, he teams up with Colossus from the X-Men to get the girl and get revenge.

Ryan Reynolds played Wade Wilson/Deadpool and does a superb job.  Really just captures the character perfectly.  Morena Baccarin plays Vanessa, his girlfriend, and matches up perfectly.  I’m hoping to see it revealed that’s she in fact a mutant, like in the comics.  The villains were maybe a bit underdeveloped, but they filled the role well and helped to establish the tone of the movie.

The weird characters were the two X-Men that appeared.  Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.  Colossus was obviously portrayed completely different than the previous X-Men films, which worked, but might be a bit difficult to process.  He also seemed more inclined to play a role similar to what Cable’s would have been, trying to get Deadpool more aligned with the forces of good rather than as a force of chaos.  Meanwhile, he had a trainee in Negasonic Teenage Warhead.  Her powers were more like Cannonball’s as opposed the psychic abilities that she displayed in the comics, but that seemed more fitting in some ways.

Overall, as well done as it could have been, with few complaints that were not expressed during the course of the movie.  Looking forward to a sequel and/or appearances in the other related movies.


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