Privacy as a Myth

February 19, 2016

I said something this in conversation not that long ago, how privacy is a myth.  And in today’s world, can we really believe otherwise?  People’s entire lives are online, always a click away from the world seeing them.  Or a computer glitch away.  Even the stuff we intend to keep private and to our “Friends Only” will get out eventually.  I think most people are aware of this, even if they don’t choose to acknowledge it.

This has been bouncing around my head since I said it in response to somebody trying to warn me about stuff I write in this blog and how it’s where anyone can read it.  Human nature has told me when given an opportunity, people will talk.  Even when I’m Facebook, I’ve said something in a private, “Friends Only” setting, only to have it run wild around work in the following days.  It doesn’t matter how secure you think stuff is, it will get out.

When I was going through a break-up last year, I had no less than a dozen people suggest she had been cheating on me–never seriously entertained that notion myself, mostly because it doesn’t really matter.  There were lines I didn’t cross in anything I said–admittedly I got excited and engaged in some hyperbole and exaggeration, occasionally going a couple steps too far.  Those opinions were ones people asked me about on occasion and I was likely to say some things one way or the other.  I would rather have anything attributed to me be something I know I said, not a second hand distortion.

And we do have a high level of modesty and concern about giving “too much information.”  Kind of a bad habit at times, because that can a blurry line.  For instance, my embarrassment at having read the Kamasutra last year.  Sexuality can be a challenging subject in the best of times–say nothing of stretch where loved ones moved across the country, started a new job and moving–part of it being social conditioning as much as anything.  There were a lot of factors.  After all that had gone on, I had lost all confidence in myself.  Sexually, I didn’t even really want to try anymore just because I felt like I couldn’t do anything right.  At least that’s the way I felt.  Anyway, I wasn’t impressed with myself and that led me to study up a bit.  I figured it should be original article if I was going to study the subject.  And for the longest time I didn’t want to admit to reading it.  Kinda stupid really, even after she broke up with me.  I was trying to learn.  Nothing wrong with that, it doesn’t necessarily mean something bad.  We get conditioned into sex as a taboo, but it’s really just a part of life.

Admittedly, some people might need privacy.  It’s insulation against the world.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  But you can’t hide under a rock and assume you’re untouchable.  Human nature negates that possibility.  People talk.  If people don’t say anything, others will just make up whatever they deem worthy of filling in the gaps.  With that in mind, you might as well make sure people know what you have to say.


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