Wednesday Wondering for 2/17/16

February 16, 2016

Got this posted a bit early.  Today’s edition reflects on what a strange world we live in.  A bit of what I always do, but I wanted to state that outright.

  • Spent most of last week barely able to ingest solid food.  Was less than amused.  Stomach bug going around, one that hangs on for awhile.  Really was Sunday morning before I was even close to normal.  Messed up my workouts a bit, but I was able to more or less stay on track.  Gained back any lost weight fairly quickly.  Drawing suffered a bit though, as I did not get this week’s Order of the Dragon pages done in time to get both of them posted this week.  Getting a bit frustrated with this type of thing happening.  Too many distractions, too much bullshit.  Every time I seem to be getting some momentum going… Hopefully I have more lasting solutions on the way something to maintain better balance.  Might start focusing on putting together trades.  My first vacation is tentatively scheduled for June, so I might plan to have something for sale around then.  Continuing to work on the novel as well.
  • Weather is crazy.  -18F on Monday morning, supposed to reach at 53F during the day on Tuesday.  A sixty degree swing over the course of 48 hours?  I think the planet is trying to tell us something.  Or letting us know its theme song is “Fucked Up World” by The Pretty Reckless.
  • One of my favorite comic books is one called Planetary.  I mention it in my John Cassaday Spotlight, a series focused on a group of mystery archaeologists as they go about their investigations.  This springs to mind because I have come to consider myself to be a bit of a mystery archaeologist in a way.  Breaking down the world of strange and weird occurrences to find the hidden facts.  Feel like I’m getting to be more of a mystery archaeologist.
  • We lost a Supreme Court Justice.  Though I disagree with a few of his stances, few can deny that Antonin Scalia was a brilliant legal mind.  I think people fail to realize that the Supreme Court is designed to argue the finest nuances of our legal system, not slant to the ideals of one side or the other.  Regardless of his leanings, he loved the Constitution.  Nominating his replacement should be interesting.  Will we really go a year without a full Supreme Court?  I highly doubt it.  I would like to think that Congress realizes they’ve become the definition of disfunction, but I’m too hopeful sometimes.  Also, a portion of the Senate should be up for reelection in a time when gridlock has become an norm and there’s a frustration with politics as normal.  I think people are smart enough to figure out it isn’t Obama’s fault shit isn’t getting done.  Do they really want to explain why they’re holding up qualified judges?
  • Thought about some ideas I had for building a house.  Mostly just old ideas like “Library to rival Alexandria” or “Comic Creation and Management Wing” or “Multiple Kitchens”.  Silly stuff.  Toyed around with this idea after looking at houses a year or two ago.  When I lived in Shoreham and there was talk of renovations, I had to wonder if–if we bought that house and given the work involved–in the end, would it have cost more or less to build a new one?  Or more or less of a headache?  Never did look into that like I intended, but I will admit to a mild curiosity on the matter.
  • Deleted the nastier entry or two in regards to LMCBW.  I did cross a line or two, got away from the serious point I wanted to make.  I don’t believe all my observations were wrong, but I had gotten too far off track for them to effectively parlayed.  It happens.  I really just wanted to tell my side of the story so people would know that she was not the only one who lost sleep or was frustrated over things in the relationship.

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