Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Review (Minor Spoiler)

February 14, 2016

Got the “Valentine’s Day is kinda weird” post out of the way yesterday, so I’m going to write a quick review of PPZ.  The movie came out last week, starring Lily James and Sam Riley, with some memorable appearances by Lena Headley and Matt Smith.

Overall, an enjoyable movie.  The movie was amusing and enjoyable, well balance throughout.  Lily James plays an excellent Elizabeth Bennett, parlaying the untouchable warrior to perfection.  Sam Riley portrays Mister Darcy–probably the character I most related to for a variety of reasons–with the challenged stiffness would only expect to come of the character.  Matt Smith’s Parson Collins was perhaps a bit over the top, but he definitely added a bit more amusement to his scenes.  Lena Headley’s Lady Catherine might have been a bit too much like too many other characters she’s been cast as–Cersei Lannister, Sarah Connor, Queen Gorgo, etc.–but she’s good at it, so why complain.

It was a well-shot film, maybe took a few more liberties with the story than I would have liked to have seen.  Minor spoiler here, but the whole subplot of the zombies being able to hold onto their intelligence and self-control by feeding on pig brains/blood did seem a bit… unnecessary.  Other than that though, it was fairly well-done and enjoyable film.


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