Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2016

Such a weird holiday when you really think about it.  Created primarily to honor St. Valentine, it has the secondary purpose of replacing Lupercalia.  Shame really, because Lupercalia seems like it would have been awesome.  But at the end of the day, what does it really mean?  Should we really need a holiday to recognize the love we feel for one another?  If I learned one lesson over the last year, it would be making sure that happens on some level every single day is more important than anything.  Regardless, it always felt like making a big deal about going through the motions when I was in a relationship on Valentine’s Day.  Make waffles… make cookies… Flowers and gifts… Whatever else might happen… Should we really need a special day to do all those things?  Valentine’s Day seems like it should be superfluous and almost unnecessary.

I might be a cynical bastard, but I’m sure there is a strong correlation between the date and the sales of chocolates and flowers and greeting cards.

Admittedly, my last relationship struggled in a lot of those areas, but then again, she was the one who broke up with me just after I started reading the Kamasutra.  Decent book by the way, very detailed.  Lot of general life stuff you don’t really think about in there as well.  Kind of the kick in the ass I needed to get my stuff together and realize a few things.  Always felt a bit embarrassed about reading what amounts to a sex manual though–still am I guess–so I never wanted to admit it.  Realized in the last couple of days how stupid that was.  Sex happens and it doesn’t always go perfectly–I had a bad moment or two and wanted to prevent more of those–so why be embarrassed by trying to learn more?  Thinking about something I said recently about how privacy is a myth, the conclusion I reached was “so why be embarrassed?”  Honesty is better.  Also was a bit concerned about some potential issues with myself trying some of the more challenging positions–concerned about my own flexibility and strength mostly.  Damn shame really, I really wanted to try a couple of those.  At least I got a useful resource for sexual positions when drawing sex scenes.



3 Responses to “Valentine’s Day”

  1. Tippy Rex said

    Valentine’s Day is THE WORST. I get super bummed as soon as all those baskets of shitty chocolate start coming out at the drugstore. Russell Stover: disappointing girlfriends for over twenty years. It’s commercialized garbage.

    Anyway, Happy Lupercalia!

  2. :) said

    Lupercalia! I’ve always been amused/fascinated by that holiday. I really don’t see anything embarrassing about reading a sex manual. Read 10 of them if you want, read 100 if you want. You wanted to improve something and took steps to do so.

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