Talking Art

February 11, 2016

I just want to talk about comic book art for a moment.  My art, the artists I like best… just cover a few points.

I have page set up for this where I list all my favourite writers–I like to throw in that “u” for the hell of it–but I don’t really have one for artists.  I should set up one for artists.  There are the classics whom I admire–Kirby, Starlin, Perez, Adams–but there are really two artists that I think of as having a tremendous influence on my work: John Cassaday and J.H. Williams III.  I’ll try to provide links to their official sites as much as possible.

Obviously I don’t get anywhere near their level in terms of quality, but I like to think I am working towards something like it as I develop a more complex style.  Right now–with the black and white element–I like to think I have a bit of a Japanese influence to my style.  Mahmud Asrar is another artist whom I would say I think of an influence, particular with a lot of his Copic Marker work.  Salvador Larroca is another who’s realistic style I try to emulate.

Obviously I use a lot of my comics subscriptions as references.  Primarily the artists I have listed, but when I see a panel I like by someone else, I like to make note of it, take a picture of it with my phone.  I tend to avoid Rob Liefeld and Greg Land like a plague, as I try to actually have a sense of anatomy and avoid tracing.

An odd reference tool is one I downloaded last May, for a completely different purpose.  It is called iKamasutra.  It is an app that basically lists a lot of sexual positions.  I never got to take advantage of it the way I intended–part of a fresh start that got stalled out–but I have found it useful when I was working on plotting out sex scenes to keep them from being too mundane and basic.  Haven’t drawn them yet, but I’m pleased with what I have scripted out.  Because nobody wants boring sex scenes.  Another good resource for that type of thing is the comic series Sex Criminals, as Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky do a fairly decent job of creating variety in their content.

Also, new page is on dA.


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