Quantifying the Unquantifiable

February 4, 2016

Politics has been a hot topic lately.  Iowa happened.  Not really 100% sure what happened there, but it did happen.  If anything, I think it proved how politics in this country has evolved.  There’s been a hardcore Libertarian, a Democratic Socialist and whatever the Hell Trump running.  I think we’re finally realizing that a lot of the business of running a country is not neatly confined to two ideologies.  We are moving beyond a two party system.  In coming years, I think we might see a Socialist Party–Vermont kinda has one, the progressive party of Bernie proteges on the state level–put forth some serious candidates.  A Libertarian Party.  A Constitutionalist Party.  Who knows?

My guy–Martin O’Malley–suspended his campaign after a less than 1% showing.  I like this guy for a lot of reasons.  In his time as governor, I think he did some good for the state of Maryland.  I personally think he was a better option than Bernie Sanders–treason in Vermont–and Hillary Clinton.  Plus he reads Irish Poetry and recites it on a regular basis.  I don’t know, the Irish Poetry thing just seemed awesome.

Then there were the other two Democrats…  49.9% to 49.6%.  That’s not a margin of victory.  That doesn’t even constitute a full margin of error.  When you factor in the number of coin tosses needed to determine some of those districts… all I’m going to say is that there was not a true winner here.  If anything, the delegates should be split.

Which gets me to the meat and potatoes of today’s political rant.  Why I struggle to support Hillary Clinton.  As we all know, there are plenty of reason to be a bit squeamish about her.  People might argue that Bernie is too old, but she isn’t much younger and that won’t change by the end of her first term.  Some of it is completely illogical, based in a mound of nonsense.  Voting fraud and emails are only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.  After Iowa, I’m starting to figure out what it is about her.  Honestly, I’ll probably write in Martin O’Malley if it is down to her and one of the gaggle of Republicans–maybe one of the Republicans will convince me, but probably not.

Here is the reason why.  We are becoming a country in transition.  Like I said about the two party system, things are changing.  We need to move forward with new and better ideas.  In my view, Hillary Clinton does not represent new ideas.  She represents a status quo that needs to change.  Some people argue her Presidency would be a continuation of Obama’s or even her husband’s.  As much as I doubt that to be true and believe a lot of Obama’s struggles have more to do with an incredibly divided congress as anything, I don’t think she is what we need.  I think we need someone who will push things forward.  Actually stand up and fight.  I honestly do not believe she will be the one to do that.  That’s just my thought anyway.

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