Sunday Musings for 1/31/2016

January 31, 2016

Where we just basically do some quick review, ponder and plot.

  • Started working on a complete rewrite of a novel the other day.  Essentially a crime/mystery thing centered around a bodybuilding competition.  Only two thousand or so words in, but I’m liking some of what I’ve done so far.  Got some good one liners that I’m actually really impressed with.
  • Haven’t drawn much at all.  I lost the drive and focus.  I’m glad I’m doing some writing, but the drawing is something I really do care about.  My efforts to develop a creatively optimal situation are still in their infancy.  (Quick Addition)  Thinking I might try drawing somewhere other than home.  Like the gym, the effort of going somewhere else might facilitate things better–i.e. Carol’s Hungry Mind or whatever.
  • Related to the last point… Gym six days a week is accomplishing some of the goals.  I’ve made some great progress with my legs and generally getting more muscle.  Might have to go shopping for clothes, which isn’t really a favorite activity of mine.  Still hasn’t really helped the feeling like shit all the time aspect as much as I would like, but I know how to fix that and hopefully get drawing again.  At least I feel connected to the world again.  Going down to Shoreham and getting on midnights created this extreme disconnection that I’ve been progressively reversing.  I might be introverted, but connection is important and I am glad that trend has been turning around.  I’m remembering how to feel connected, to see all the connections.
  • Thought we were done hearing about Hilary and her emails… on the one hand, if there were actually grounds to indict her, I think it would have happened by now.  But on the other hand, wouldn’t doing it on the day of the Iowa caucus seem just perfect?  If only to create as much of a cluster-fuck as possible?  I don’t know.  I respect what Hilary has accomplished in her various roles–first lady on a couple of levels, senator, secretary of state–and I do believe she could accomplish more.  However, I don’t feel she will be the President we need.  I don’t necessarily disagree with her policies or stances, but I question whether or not she is the right force for change.
  • The whole Republican debate thing just reaffirmed how not one of them is a decent human being.  I don’t buy the “For the Troops” angle Trump was playing.  He could have done that fundraiser anytime he wanted.  He could have gone to the debate and done that fundraiser.  Don’t get high and mighty over it.  Even the rest of them couldn’t spin it to their advantage.  Between getting hung up on Trump and complaining about people being mean to them, they missed a lot of opportunities.  What happens when they get into a real debate with someone who’s ideology doesn’t really match theirs?

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