Sunday Musings for 1/24/2016

January 24, 2016

A few updates on various plans, a few random thoughts and a bit of a diatribe.

  • Just about done working on the request I got for a coworker as He-Man.  The accomplishment here is not anything to with quality, but resisting the urge to break into fits of giggling as I look at it.  By the way, requests are always welcome.  I enjoy the challenge of trying to draw something I didn’t think to do.  Changing my usual subject matter does occasionally help me draw.
  • Hoping to be posting pages from Order of the Dragon later this week.  If I can reasonably expect four pages done–the bulk of the upcoming battle scenes really–by Friday morning, I will be posting a couple pages a week.  Getting a bit disappointed by my lack of focus, but I’m working on it.  Chlorine and Acid remains in limbo.
  • Suicide Squad actually looks quite good.  After the letdown of Age of Ultron and the early looks at Captain America: Civil War–Avengers 2.5–I find myself wondering if the upcoming Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad will have a much better showing and give the DC Movies a much more solid foundation.
  • Thinking of doing some more breakdown posts about some of the hot issues in election cycle.  More for my own processing, but I like to think I did raise a few good points in the gun control one–even if they were a bit off the wall.  Finding the time/focus for research might prove difficult though.
  • The array of political candidates scares the hell out of me.  They seriously do.  Even the ones who aren’t running scare me.  Sarah Palin began talking her nonsense again and it was strange.  Particularly about her son.  I mean, here is a woman who receives how ever much she does in speaking fees–going off about government handouts and welfare on a few occasions, I can only assume–and she thinks the government is to blame for her son having problems with PTSD?  Well, I actually I agree they could do more to help and and I think they are trying to do more–not as up to date on that issue as I could be, but I do recall hearing something to the effect of changes in that regard.  However, I think that if she wasn’t so busy pretending to be a politician, she could be getting her family’s shit together.  At least as far as her son is concerned.  Families are needed as much as the V.A. is when it comes to something like PTSD.  That’s my political rant for today.
  • Think if I’m smart about it, I could be essentially debt free–with the exception of the Night Rider–by the end of the year.  Toying with some numbers and ideas and it does seem doable.  A little luck with some carefully timed moves–okay, a lot of luck and some perfect moves–could give me some good opportunities to get that done.  Would be a neat trick if I can pull it off.
  • Related note:  Night Rider=Good name for my Jeep?  I like it and always can go for some more Mad Max references in my life.
  • Going to the gym six days a weeks seems to be having mixed results.  The general state of feeling bleh all the time has faded somewhat, while the exhaustion remains about the same.  Making some impressive gains at the gym though.  So… call it a small win?  I think that’s the best way to describe it.  In a see how it goes and keep trying to create better situations mode right now.

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