Sunday Musings 1/17/16

January 17, 2016

It is a strange world we live in and it feels a bit darker now.  Today I ponder the deaths of a couple of icons, continue to contemplate the Second Amendment, explore some odd musing and do some general updates.

  • David Bowie died early last week, Alan Rickman a couple of days later.  Both of Cancer.  Bowie was Bowie–about the only way to describe him really.  Rickman was the redeeming feature of one of the worst Robin Hood movies of all-time, a fantastic villain in Die Hard and Harry Potter, and one of the more interesting characters in Love Actually.
  • Been thinking about that essay I wrote on Gun Control the other day, particularly where I suggest repealing the Second Amendment.  Personally, I don’t want to fuck with the Bill of Rights anymore than we have to, but we should ask ourselves some questions.  What is a free state?  What is necessary for its security?  If people having guns constitutes a threat to the free state, would the Second Amendment allow their guns to be taken away?  Just a couple of questions that popped into my head as I was reflecting on what I wrote.
  • Chlorine and Acid=Hiatus.  Starting to develop a new phase.  Just need to do some more planning with it.
  • Order of the Dragon=Building up pages.  Just trying to get a good backload of pages before I start posting regularly again.  Getting into some fun ones too.  Liking that this is going to have some more diverse action.

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