Sunday Musings for 1/10

January 10, 2016

Where Sherlock has a special that is really quite good, I ponder my new workout plan, and I just generally gush over random things.

  • Still trying to wrap my head around how Greg Land gets work in comics.  I swear, his artwork is all cut and paste.
  • Watched Sherlock: The Abominable Bride.  Really enjoyed it.  The period piece aspect worked really well, the characters translated perfectly.  Especially enjoyed the Mycroft/Sherlock dynamic.  Really just an exceptional take on the processes that Sherlock engages when he works a case.
  • I’m changing up my workout routine, trying to get it to six days a week.  There are a few reasons for this: Energy Management, Coverage, Overall Health.  Energy is a bit of a concern, since I barely have any.  If I can spread the workout to an extra day, I think I will get better workouts in.  I also think I will more effectively hit each muscle group as the extra day will allow a more focused workout.  In general the only time I don’t feel like shit is when I’m working out, so why not see if the extra day helps give me more time not feeling like a zombie?  At least that’s the idea.  In a week or two–if things are going along in the right direction–I might forego the whole waiting until I get on a different shift to date thing.  Not feeling like shit all the time would be a huge step in the right direction, although getting off of midnights would help even more.
  • Bought a scanner.  Large format, 11 something by 16 something.  A3 size, whatever that really means.  Looking forward to all kinds of shenanigans with it.  Art wise, continuing to plug along.  Got some Order of the Dragon pages in the works.  Chlorine and Acid continues its hiatus.  I might rethink where that was going to go, given all that’s been unfolding.  I was going a certain direction, which might have… had some parallels with what has unfolded.  Nothing fully developed or written, but there were a couple of parallels.  If/when I start with that again, it will probably be a lot of just one off joke pages rather than a narrative for awhile.
  • Been thinking about the dynamic of a woman’s eyes.  How the slightest glance can mean everything and nothing all at once.  The shifts, the narrowing… how so little can be so much.  Been thinking about this more as I was working on some facial expressions in my drawings, as well as just in real life.  In some faces, the eyes make the difference in so many ways.  Just a thought as I ponder a few romantic interludes.

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