Sunday Musings for 1/3/16

January 3, 2016

(Posted early)

Another year has begun.  One I think has the potential to be a very exciting time.  Where I ponder the validity of my ego, how much work I can get done and the future of my comic collection.

  • I got my copy of Thor #193 back from grading last week.  A 9.4 signature series signed by Gerry Conway and John Romita Sr.  This book is important because it is the last story that Stan Lee worked on as the regular writer of Thor back in the 1970s.  64-pages, Silver Surfer appearance, good value to it.  Conway cowrote it and Romita Sr. worked on the cover.  Might try to get Stan Lee to sign it at some point.  Only reason I didn’t get it done last fall was that he had raised his rates.  I already have somebody interested in buying it from me, but I’m not necessarily taking his offer seriously.  Planning to hold onto it for awhile.
  • Ordered a scanner off of Amazon the other day.  Large format for some of my bigger scale work.  Looking forward to doing some work on some of these drawings I got sitting in my various sketch/drawing books.  Started working on a new Spider-Gwen drawing, got a good ways on that–might put an in progress of that up on Instagram soon.  Should be able to start putting together a selection of prints soon.  Got to refresh my memory on the various Copic techniques.  I think there is a way to scan them in and use the grays as inks and color them in Photoshop, but I need to figure out how to do that.
  • Almost finished the next page of Order of the Dragon.  Days off on Monday and Tuesday, so hopefully I’ll draw some more.  Getting a bit disappointed in my pacing on that, but that’s a situation I am trying to get back under control.
  • I’m debating whether or not to stick to my decree of not dating until I am done with working nights.  I’m only questioning that decision because I feel as though there is some potential I was unaware of until now and I am intrigued.  Or I could be imagining it.  That is a possibility when you’re wandering around half-asleep dreaming.  Still might be smarter to wait until I’m in state where I’m not a zombie 80% of my waking hours, but I’m not sure how long that will take.  Maybe someday people will trust me to be the judge of what’s best for me…

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