Sunday Musing for 12/27

December 27, 2015

Where I review the Doctor Who Christmas Special, reflect on Christmas, life speculations and give a few comics updates.

  • A somewhat interesting Christmas.  The Christmas party at work was cancelled and we got our very own Sheriff watching the plant for the foreseeable future.  Not really sure how to feel about that.  Anyway, we got food catered in and I won a door prize.  An Amazon Echo.  I’ve struggled to explain what it is, I guess a smart speaker would be the best way to describe it.  Still a fairly quiet Christmas in comparison to years past.
  • Watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special yesterday morning.  Interesting story, the “Last” River Song story.  I think the River Song saga just gets so confusing I think most people have a hard time making sense of it.  Glad they’re wrapping it up a bit.  Apparently this is the last story for her character, as she gets the Sonic Screwdriver from the Tennant story she appeared in and the planet they were on is where they were supposed to spend their last night together.  Kind of a trippy story that got a bit hard to follow, but otherwise interesting.
  • Given the legal shenanigans at work, Chlorine and Acid shall remain on an indefinite hiatus until things have settled down.  Possibly longer if the process is dragged out too long.  Not really an update there, but I figured I would restate it.  Been feeling overwhelmed by this one lately anyway, given how it seems like every day they give another ten to fifteen pages worth of material I could work with.
  • Trying to get another page or two done with Order of the Dragon.  We’ll see what happens there.  Been just generally feeling like crap and having to do other shit when I’m not.  Getting a bit tiresome.  The hazard of a lifestyle where it is nigh on impossible to get more than four hours of good sleep on any given night.
  • Nothing else really new going on.  Got plans, but need to get other people’s asses in gear to make those happen.  Hopefully those plans will get rolling soon.  Added note:  Is it really that hard to comprehend that my desire to be done with working nights has more to do with it being a detriment to my health more than anything?  And that I want to address that before I try to have a healthy relationship with another human being?  Getting tired of hearing “oh this guy met a girl…” or “this guy…” when I say I won’t date until I’m off these hours.  I’m not those people.  I’m best judge of what’s best for me, and I am not going to get involved with someone until I have addressed what I believe to be the biggest obstacle to my health.
  • Funny story, evaluating potential girlfriends/hookups based on how they would look in cosplay.  One would look great as Red Sonja or Batgirl, another as Captain Marvel… Just a way to have a bit of fun I guess.

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