Sunday Musings for 12/20

December 20, 2015

Where I ponder elections, the future of my comics and a couple of oddities.


  • Planning to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens multiple times.  It was so good.
  • We haven’t even hit the Primaries yet and I’m already getting sick of the election.  I’m not terribly thrilled with Democrats or Republicans.  I think I’ve figured out how this is going to play out though.  Hillary Clinton will not be the Democratic nominee, despite what the Committee and the media might want.  This is my bold prediction.  I think once the primaries start, people will realize that Bernie Sanders is legit and he will overtake Clinton.  It’s going to be a repeat of how things unfolded when it was Clinton and Obama, where the charismatic upstart overcame the supposed lock that Clinton had.  I like Bernie if only because he might be just what we need at this point.  The Republicans… that party is a mess.  The fact that candidates like Trump or Cruz or Carson are even getting any attention proves that the Republicans have no idea what their identity is.  It’s all, “Roar, we hate Obama!” No real sustenance.
  • Well, Chlorine and Acid has been on an indefinite hiatus lately.  Nothing permanent at this writing, but for the foreseeable future.  The Holiday Party at work was cancelled due to a supposed threat from a former employee.  Don’t know all the details, but I’m not feeling like this is the right situation to be doing this comic.  Heard that CaA might have come up, but I am not certain.  I haven’t done a page in two months anyway, been focusing more on Order of the Dragon.  I just haven’t been all that interested in doing it, along with just being too burned out to get shit done.  To be blunt, this was intended to be a way of having fun and harmlessly blowing off some steam.  Neither of those is really effectively happening anymore.
  • Liking where the Order of the Dragon stuff is going so far.  If I wasn’t so burned out, I’d be a lot further along with it.
  • There was somebody at the gym I was thinking of asking out.  I find her intriguing and I think I’ve been picking up a vibe or two.  Figure it might be nice to be with somebody who at least has some concern about their own health.  Not even sure if she’s single or not, but one can hope.  Further motivation to be done with this midnight bullshit.
  • Downloaded the soundtracks to Episodes IV, V, and VII of Star Wars.  Needed those in my life.  Star Wars is giving me a bit of recharge, hoping that will sustain into something.  If I don’t get it for Christmas, might pick up the new collected edition of the first six.

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