Star Wars Episode VII: the Force Awakens review

December 17, 2015

Trying to keep this spoiler free as possible.  Just got home, still feeling giddy after watching The Force Awakens.  I’ll start off just talking about the opening.  “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” followed by the main theme and the title crawl… the power of it is unbelievable.  You can forget it a bit, but you hear that beat and it jars something back to life.  They came out with a new DVD collection not that long ago, if I don’t get it for Christmas I will likely be picking that up.

Anyway, actual review time.  I recall that one of the biggest things J.J. Abrams wanted to do was make the film with as many practical effects as possible and that helped this avoid one of the biggest pitfalls of the prequel trilogy.  It definitely felt more tangible than the prequels.

Good story.  One of the things that always bothered me about the expanded universe material–beyond at least half of it not being worth the time to read–was that it always seemed like the rebuilding of the Republic and the gradual decline of the empire was a bit too easy.  My only complaint was the development of the two sides–the Resistance/Republic and the First Order/Empire–as actual entities.  Basically just a bit of backstory and clarity would have been a bit helpful.

Acting was solid.  The returning actors were excellent and the newcomers brought a lot of fresh energy to the series.

Overall, exactly the movie it needed to be.

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