There’s No Point

December 15, 2015

Everybody gets so caught up in trying to prove a point, they completely miss the point.  This is today’s big observation.  That some people are so caught up in trying to prove a point, they end up creating a vast black hole of collateral damage that consumes the point they were trying to make.

I’ve seen this a lot lately.  At work, in my personal life, etc.  I think management has more invested in my continuing with midnight to eights than I do.  Honestly, I always knew what I was capable of.  I could probably do any job in that plant.  I just have no real desire to.  I’d rather go back to pushing cheese just because I don’t feel any real need to continue on the utility job.  I don’t feel I have to prove anything and I have no real motivation to do it anymore.  I think management is trying harder to prove a point than I am.  Some dangerous ideas there and nothing I want to deal with.  It’s hard to learn a job when you’re getting bogged down in the miasma of everybody trying to prove a point.

Kinda the same thing with dating.  I’ve stated I have no intention of doing anything romantically until I’m done with midnights and I intend to stand with that.  Does that prove anything?  Does me dating prove anything?  Not really.  I mean, there are a couple of options on that front that I want to pursue but why rush and do something foolish?  I don’t believe there’s any real need to prove a point about having moved on.  Admittedly LMCBW might have a different view on that, but in some ways her life has become so consumed with proving a point that she’s almost always rushing headlong into some kind of oblivion.  She tries so hard to prove one point she completely misses the point of three or four other things.

On a related note, I’ve been thinking on something I said a few weeks ago about my potentially being asexual. There was some real concern about my health/sex drive for a time, which the essential root cause of these hours I’m pointlessly stuck on.  These hours are nothing I’m handling well, so why should I expect somebody else to be able to handle being with me?  Anyway, not asexual.

Anyway, it can be good to have something to prove once in awhile.  Drives you.  But life should not be all about proving a point.  It is the pointless shit that makes life fun.


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