Sunday Musings

December 13, 2015

Now that my guts don’t feel like they are doing some kind of dance to the beat of “Born to Run”, I am feeling like a much more functional human being.  Well, as close as I get these days.  Will be trying to crank out some pages for this week.  Might also look into how to do actual pitches for comic book companies.  Try to get paid for this shit.

Going to keep trucking with Order of the Dragon.  Need to get cracking again with Chlorine and Acid.  Those two probably won’t end up in a pitch, but one’s just for fun and the other is more a labor of love at this point.  Not really the intent to make money off of them, even if I do throw together a trade paperback.  I do have a couple of other original ideas I might try to develop into a pitch.

Might even try to pitch a story for the MLP comic series.  I did that sketch of Doctor Whooves a week or two ago and I started to toy around with an idea.  Time for a bit of a confession here.  Contrary to impression I conveyed in the past, I actually enjoy the MLP comics.  The television show, not so much.  I think it is because they can keep things a bit more geared towards the older audience in the comics.  I usually denied this because LMCBW would have taken that as her cue to coerce me into a marathon of the show.  I can barely sit through a show/movie I actually like (Most shows I’m drawing or writing or doing something to keep my hands busy), how well do you think it works to pressure me into one I don’t necessarily enjoy?

Anyway, I had an idea for a storyline centered around Doctor Whooves.  Kind of a time travel story in the vein of Days of Future Past or Alan Moore’s unmade story for DC called “Twilight of the Superheroes”.  Essentially the story would revolve around Doctor Whooves explaining what has transpired to lead to a distopic future and his efforts to prevent that future.  Don’t like to title things I’m probably never going to get around to writing, but I’m thinking of calling it “Twilight of the Ponies.”  Unfortunately, I doubt IDW will take the time to hear my pitch.

Might work on something a little more nonfiction-ish.  I’ve been thinking with a bit more of philosophical flair lately, so I’m half inclined to start working on some kind of memoir type thing.  A bit of a collection of essays about some of my experiences.  In the course of my life, I’ve met some fascinating and (dare I say) fucked up people that have taught me a myriad of lessons.  It could be fun.  Feel as though I’ve already starting working on it with a few of my entries here (i.e. Dear Fat People, Secret Identity Crisis, etc.).  Have wanted to revisit those too.

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