Pushing Through

December 11, 2015

So I’ve been struggling to draw lately.  Sudden combination of life, work, and illness.  Trying to get back on track now, but there’s some work to do.

I did an entry yesterday that I didn’t share to FB because I felt it wasn’t right to spam everyone with those details.  Basically just a declaration of my intent to change jobs in the near future, with some explanation.  Click here to read it.

Anyway, got this stomach bug that’s been going around.  Hopefully will be over it soon.  Want to get back to drawing soon.  Got some Chlorine and Acid pages I want to get done, as well as Order of the Dragon.  Also want to do more Star Wars themed drawings.  Pretty up that Leia one a bit.

Speaking of Star Wars, looking forward to seeing Force Awakens on Thursday.  Theatre has a 7:30 showing that day, going to hit that up.  Followed up by a party where they will show Episode IV.

Been reading the comics Marvel has been putting out since they got the rights back last year.  All pretty damn good, few minor complaints.  Going to see how much effort would be involved to get caught up on Star Wars: Rebels.  Been liking the comic they’ve been doing based on that.  Going to see what the upcoming Obi-Wan/Anakin series is like.


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