December 5, 2015

My birthday was yesterday.  Kept it pretty low key this year.  After last year with it signaling the start of the “Great Passive-Aggressive Christmas of 2014”, I didn’t really want a lot of fanfare.  Got some nice flannel pants and some cash.  Like I said, keeping it low key.

Did get something weird that happened.  About 7:30 last night, I got a phone call.  Caller was listed as “Unknown”.  Curious, I answer.  I said, “Hello… hello?”  After a grand total of six seconds, they hung up.  Not sure what that was all about, but whatever.

Now the birthday is over, I guess I can get ready for Christmas.  Hopefully it will be considerably different than last year’s “Great Passive-Aggressive Christmas of 2014”.  I call it that because Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong’s sister was getting ready to move to Nevada and nobody was really handling it well.  I even got in on it a it, primarily to vent some frustration with all the nonsense about LMCBW and I buying their house.  I’m really just glad I’m not around for this year’s edition.  My birthday and Christmas last year kinda sucked.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a much calmer Christmas.  Got a new Star Wars movie coming up.  I’m going to get some tickets today.  Gotta to see which showing I can get into.

Did an interview for the lab job yesterday.  I think it went well, I’m optimistic.  I’m hopeful I’ll be done with midnight to eights soon.  Given how the only reason I stuck with this as long as I did threw me out in June (and how I’ve been trying to get off these hours since before then), I’m really looking forward to doing something that enables me to feel more human again.  Also dating again.  I have no intention of starting anything with anyone until I’m done with these hours and that seems like the best plan.  I will not put myself in a position to repeat the same mistakes.


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