A Stranger In A Strange Galaxy Far, Far Away

December 2, 2015

Getting a Starbucks fix at Barnes and Noble (made it about a month and a half without giving in).  Intended to do some Christmas shopping, but instead got myself some of the Star Wars TPBs (Darth Vader Vol. 1, Princess Leia, and Kanaan Vol. 1), and the big uncut original version of Stranger In a Strange Land.  (Bit more of a fail with my birthday in two days).  I already had a copy of the Heinlein book, but I don’t often see that edition kicking around.  One of my more influential books.  Either way, it is a bit of fail there.  Should have started somewhere else first.  Might have gotten some better ideas on what to get people if I had.

On the plus side, Christmas shopping this year will likely be a much less costly enterprise than it was last year.  Guess there is a plus side to having my family structure cut in half.  Doesn’t necessarily answer the question of what to get people, but still.  There is a positive.

Meh, whatever.  Just sitting here, feeling more like a beatnik than ever.  Sipping on my coffee as I watch it rain.  Supposed to do an interview to go back to the lab, waiting for the recall stuff to settle down so I can do that.  People I’m supposed to meet with are busy with that.  Maybe I’ll actually be able to get rolling with “The Plan” I had made a year ago.  With a change in characters.  At least I have some fairly adaptive plans.


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