Giving Thanks

November 26, 2015

In some ways, I think of Thanksgiving in the same way I think of Columbus Day.  Kind of an extra holiday that was just thrown in there so we could have another.  Actually, I think it was Abraham Lincoln that made the official holiday as part of an effort to raise national morale during the Civil War.  I guess even if the holiday has gotten lost in a myriad of other things, there is still good in being reminded to be thankful.

Been thinking more about what I’m thankful for.  Time for a generic thankful list:

  • That I am me.  I know too many people that are consumed with self-loathing and all kinds of nonsense about who they are or what type of person they should be.  Worrying about changing who I am for any reason is just foolish because people are constantly changing from moment to moment.  Those electrons flying around your brain are doing who knows what.  Why not enjoy the ride?
  • On a related note, I’m glad I have so many fascinating people in my life.  Life would be boring without all the shenanigans.
  • That I have arguably the world’s greatest cat.  I had initially planned on leaving Loki with “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” but that wasn’t going to work for anyone.  He is just too epic of a cat for me to do that.  I’m selfish like that.
  • That I’m actually trying to do some comics.  Never really thought I had the talent or the focus for that type of sustained effort, but I’m liking where I’ve gone with that.  The talent might actually be there.  As for the focus, I’m thinking that–oh hey a butterfly!
  • That there is so much potential for so many things.  I’m at this fascinating point where I’m at this crossroads of potential.  Where I can do what I feel I need to without an overwhelming need to validate myself.  Relationships, work, my future… do I really have a thing left to prove?

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