November 22, 2015

When Pandora opened the box, all that remained was hope.  It’s an idea I keep coming back to.  Hope.  Feels like it’s dying in the world today.  Kinda thinking about the Syrian refugees again.  Also thinking about my life in general and how much of a struggle it can be to have hope.

On the topic of refugees, all these people have is the hope for a little peace.  For normalcy.  And if anybody actually gets the people together to wipe out ISIS, maybe some of these people will go back to rebuild their lives.  And do it bigger and better.  A new life built on the foundation of what they lost.

And maybe ISIS has planted a few sleepers.  I say bring them on.  I think we’re capable of so many things.  Maybe we can even give those guys the hope to wonder if their suicide missions are really worth it.  Or, alternatively, we have a pretty fair amount of experience dealing with terrorists by now.  I would be somewhat disappointed if the relevant agencies don’t have some pretty detailed profiles on what to look for.

Okay, that’s my sappy, liberal, hippy blurb about current events (admittedly wiping out ISIS and profiling isn’t necessarily hippy talk, but still).  But I’m not just worried about things on a global scale.  I’m much more of a holistic thinker, looking at how the pieces all fit together.

Of late, it becomes clear to me that a lot of things that have happened in the last year or so have been in some ways were challenging and reteaching myself how to hope again.  When it came to the idea of working on the farm, I realize now that my reluctance had a lot to do with other people losing hope that someone else would be healthy enough to continue working on the farm.  Not really that I would have been replacing him, but that I would have represented how they lost hope for him.  Not saying that would have been the case, but I do feel like that would have been in the subconscious somewhere.  Which is why it became a much more appealing idea in the months that followed.  And there were a lot of cases in that sequence of events where the choices at hand felt like too many people were giving up hope.

That guy ended up moving across the country for health reasons and I respected that decision.  For all the questionable aspects of that decision, at least they had hope again.  And that was all that really mattered.  Kinda got screwed in the aftershocks, but it will be alright in the end.  I’d rather be around people who haven’t given up all hope.


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