Some Thoughts on Islam and the Refugee Crisis

November 18, 2015

I just read another of those bullshit “Muslims are all evil and believe that America is the Great Satan” blurbs.  Another spewing of Quran references and the standard jihad nonsense.  I’m getting tired of this.  When do we learn that demonizing a whole people based on the actions of a handful is not only unjust but more a judgement on us as a race?  There are so many misunderstandings over the fundamentals of Islam, and you have layers of propaganda to work through.

First off, their god is the same one the Christian and Jewish one.  Not some moon god or whatever.  I’m sure a couple of my details are off, but I just want to give a quick overview.  All three come from the same origin point of Abraham of the Old Testament.  Abraham had two sons, Isaac and Ishmael.  Ishmael would be cast out, his descendants becoming the founders of Islam.  Isaac’s would become the Jewish people.  In the early days of Islam, Muhammed recognized Jews and Christians as “People of the Book” as a result of this common ancestry.  A certain level of kinship acknowledged, even it didn’t parlay into regard as equals.  Muslims recognize a lot of the same stories told in the Bible or Torah in their teachings, even naming Jesus Christ as a prophet.

Going to fast-forward a few years.  Christians fall in love with Crusades for a century or two, trying to claim the Holy Land in the name of their faith.  After World War II, a faction of Jews petition and are granted the right to form a Jewish state in the Holy Land.  Right in the middle of what has been traditionally Islamic territory.

In the years to follow, Islam has grown rapidly and shown more than a few growing pains.  Radical and Fundamentalist Islam has gained a much stronger following.  Leaders like Osama Bin Laden emerged to bear the standard.  And they have made their mark on this world.

However, I would remind people of the revolutions in Egypt and Libya.  Iran nearly had their own revolution.  Those had very mixed results.  In relation more to current events, Syria is in the midst of a very brutal war that has displaced millions and allowed ISIS the opportunity to operate as they have.

I would remind Christians in the USA that they did some horrific things to Native Americans not that long ago.  To African Americans.  And Christianity has only really been around for 600 years longer than Islam.

I think Islam as a religion is at a crucial point.  Between the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the revolutions elsewhere, the region where Islam has its best footing is very much in flux.  That’s kind of what actually bothers me about the negativity towards Muslims.  What kind of message are we sending with that?  Do we really forsake them all for the acts of a few?  In a lot of ways, they have known nothing but conflict and pain.  There are good people and there are bad people.  And are young people still trying to figure that out.  It would be a shame if all we ever did was drop bombs on them.


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