My Social Networking Presence/The Beginning of my Multimedia Empire

November 9, 2015

So, I’m realizing I have accounts all over the place in the realm of social networking and feel a bit of a need to at least list them so that people can following my various comics, rants/philosophical musings, and general updates.  Mostly I’m just trying to get to a point where I’m not spamming everyone on Facebook with updates that they don’t necessarily care about.  Might be setting up an FB page more for promotional purposes in the near future.

Twitter:  Set up a new one recently, as I felt the need to reboot that into something more focused on marketing my work rather than the mindless ranting I had been doing.

deviantART:  Just where a post a lot of drawings in various stages of completion/quality.

Order of the Dragon:  Where that comic currently resides on the Duck.  Might move that elsewhere if all goes well with putting together a website of my own.

Chlorine and Acid:  The current residence of Chlorine and Acid.

Instagram:  Mostly just post pictures of drawings and my cat here.

FB Page for Order of the Dragon:  Facebook page for Order of the Dragon.

FB Page for Chlorine and Acid:  Facebook page for Chlorine and Acid.


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