Secret Identity Crisis

November 7, 2015

Kinda reflecting on identity lately, a topic of interest to me lately.  Working on a comic story centered around a crisis of identity.  Lot of superhero comics delve into the identity crisis theme on a regular basis.  Is Superman or Clark Kent the disguise?  Is Batman or Bruce Wayne?  What does it mean to be Captain America?

Applying it to real life, I’ve been trying to figure out who I am to a certain extent.  I know a few things I am and am not.

Writing and drawing comics is becoming as natural to me as breathing.  Still got a lot of improvements to make, but it feels natural to me.  I like where this is going.

I’m not a cheese plant worker.  Not really.  I’m good at pretending to be one, but I’m getting to the point where I need to stop pretending.  I think I’ve been ready to admit that for a long time.  I’m really only there for a paycheck and health insurance, but the day is coming where that might not really matter anymore.

And the big thing is, people are full of potential to try so many things.  To be so many things.  One of the great things about the human race is our ability to adapt and change.  With our ingenuity, the world is ours to make what we will.  So why should we give up control of how we shape our lives?

A couple months ago, I did this grazing/pasture thing hosted by a semi local organic farming group.  It was just fun to walk around a couple of farms and look at stuff, even it was something a simple as grass.

My parents had a tree fall in the yard awhile back.  I’ve calling it Veronica as a reference to the movie Heathers, based on a quote from a character of that name.  Should watch that movie again sometime.  Anyway, I bought a chainsaw and proceeded to cut it down to usable pieces for firewood or whatever.  Might be rotted away a bit too much to be of much use, but at least something is being done with it.

Not saying I’m going to be a farmer or a lumber jack, but venturing into those fields could be fun.

Our lives are fluid and not set in stone.  There are things I am talented at beyond the daily toil of dairy product processing.  I could be a comic book writer and a lumber jack.  Somebody else could be a baker and a farmer.  The point is, our lives can be so many different things if we’re just living them.


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