October 31, 2015

Bit of news on upcoming projects, answering some questions that might arise, etc.

  • Starting to look into some self-publishing options for the somewhat near future.  Want to redraw some of the early Chlorine and Acid pages and try to have a trade collection available for sale.  I’m not going to put a time table on that, as I know I will not stick to it.  Same goes for Order of the Dragon.
  • Some of my storylines in the comics might be getting a little personal.  Delving into matters that some might say are best left undisturbed in my life.  There is a certain therapeutic element to this.  Trying to turn… angst into something productive.  The events of the real world can be scarier and more terrifying than anything I can imagine.  More twisted and painful.  So why not work with that a bit?  Some might get offended, but I hope (in particular with Chlorine and Acid) that some people will look at it and say “Huh, he makes a valid point.  Maybe I can do better.”
  • I’ve had an idea for a… Creative Collective, let’s call it.  The origin of this is that I had planned at one point to have my ex cowrite Chlorine and Acid with me, but obviously that never came to fruition.  Shame really, would have been a lot of fun.  Regardless, a more professional arrangement might be beneficial.  I feel too involved in the storyline and need to distance myself a bit more, make the character less of a direct reflection of myself.  That was one of my big hesitations in developing the idea in the first place and it has been a bit of a hindrance.  So yeah.  I haven’t actually figured out much for details in this whole idea, but I am bouncing around a few names and ideas.
  • A couple of Chlorine and Acid questions I get asked frequently are:  Will (blank) appear in some form or will (blank) happen?  As for characters, I will remind people that this is a fictional account of a cheese plant.  Characters are of my own creation and I do not intend them to be much more than that.  Characteristics of actual individuals coming out is purely a coincidence.  As for versions of specific events making it into the comic, basically my only criteria is that it has to be interesting and/or entertaining.  Or at least have the potential to be.  For example, I haven’t really planned to do much with various spills that have happened the last few months because I don’t find those stories particularly interesting and haven’t really figured out a way to make them such.  An idea might come to me later, but I’m trying to make this something people will actually enjoy and would prefer not to waste time on subpar material.

When I’ve gotten back into a better flow with the comics, I might do a bit of Q&A later on, but I figured I would cover a few points I’ve been bouncing around lately.


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