Organizing the Politics…

October 22, 2015

Been thinking about the current array of candidates we have coming up in the presidential primaries and realizes how little I like any of them.  Quantity does not equal quality.  I’m getting dizzy just trying to wrap my head around all the possible outcomes.

Looking at the Republicans, this is just scary.  That party in general is scary.  It’s taken this ultra-conservative swing and nobody’s really sure how to make sense of it.  Just look at Congress.  Trump, Carson, Fiorina and Bush seem like the top four out of a field of dozens.  And they’ve all proven to have a level of incompetence or ignorance that is awe-inspiring.  There is a bit of a challenge in getting a grasp on what the others might be saying, but it does seem to be of the same tone.  The idea of any of these individuals actually getting elected to any office is terrifying to me.

Politically, I consider myself to be more of a “common sensist”, leaning more towards whichever party seems to have more of it.  Right now, I think that’s the Democrats.  The Democrats at least seem a bit more focused and united.  Smaller field at least.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of Hillary Clinton.  I think the 2008 primaries against Obama made it pretty clear that a half way decent campaign with the right balance of charisma and presence can take away most of her advantages with ease.  However, I’m not convinced there is a Republican that can run that campaign right now.  And she seems to be too manufactured to me.  She’ll probably end up being the nominee, but I don’t necessarily think she’s the right one quite yet.

Next big one is Bernie Sanders.  The Obama to Hilary this time around?  I am from Vermont, and he has been representing this state in one way or another for my entire life.  I like him.  I will probably vote for him in any primary or election.  My concern with him is that he won’t be able to attract enough of the moderates to win on the national level.  His age might also factor in, but the socialist angle is where I think he will struggle to win over the undecideds.

The rest of the field for the Democrats is actually a bit more interesting than expected.

Jim Webb, the Senator from Virginia, just dropped out of the primaries.  This is a guy I am intrigued by.  I think he might make a fantastic VP choice, but that remains to be seen.  I have heard something about him running as an independent, bit of drastic measure if you ask me.

The other guy that intrigues me is Martin O’Malley.  A governor in Maryland, a mayor in Maryland, I like what I’ve read about his stances so far.  His work shows at least some connection with reality.  I like how he’s been active at various levels of government and in a variety of ways.  Unfortunately, I don’t think he could overcome two heavyweights like Clinton and Sanders.  Shame really, because I think this guy actually looks very presidential and has the presence needed.  I want to see more of him though.

Lincoln Chafee… okay, maybe not all that intriguing.  Mister Chafee, please go back to Rhode Island.

So yeah, that’s my breakdown of where the field is right now.  I’m liking this O’Malley guy so far, but not expecting much there.  Hilary seems like the favorite, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see an upset.


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