October 21, 2015

So I’ve been posting a lot more drawings to deviantART lately.  Mostly stuff I’ve been doing to hone my skills for prints I could be selling at conventions someday or comics I am working on or getting retting ready to work on.  Occasionally I go through the drawings to see what’s getting looked at, what isn’t, mostly to try to make some determinations about whatever trick or technique I’m trying that day is working or not.

There isn’t much of a science to that.  I just look and see how many views I’m getting, if there are multiple versions of a drawing, which is getting more looks.  Like I said, it isn’t much of a study.  It does prove a point about the “eye of the beholder” though.  I’ve seen where several of my drawings that I didn’t think were all that good are getting plenty of looks.  And ones I thought I nailed are barely getting a look.

Mostly I’m just pondering why it trends this way…


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