The Game is On!

July 20, 2015

Hit a bit of block with Chlorine and Acid.  My own fault really.  Got overconfident and started to rush things.  Hopefully I will avoid burning myself out and get it going for real this time, with a consistent rotation in place.  Going to take this week to get scripts caught up (most of the material is in outline or synopsis form right now) and build up more of a reserve of material.  Hoping that by the beginning of next week I will have at least fifteen pages of scripts and three pages fully drawn.  Three week should be enough of a cushion to keep me going.

Also starting to toy with Order of the Dragon again.  Getting some practice on coloring as I work on the first page.  Might have that ready at some point soon too.

Also came across the wording I put together for a children’s book based off Bug.  Might start working on that one when I get a chance.

On a semi-related note, I’ve noticed a real shift in Loki’s behavior since I got him back from Shoreham.  Used to be he would tear the shit out of everything (couches, bookcases, etc.) but since he’s come to Bristol, he actually seems more inclined to use his cat tree I got him.  And he always would attack couches and book shelves without mercy.  Didn’t matter where we were living.  But since I got him here, he seems to be mellowing out.  Warmed up to my parents faster than I expected, just generally seems more relaxed.  Starting to wonder if my ex might have been making him neurotic.


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