Rule Number One…

December 15, 2011

So I just downloaded this group of songs Amanda Palmer did with Neil Gaiman, Ben Folds and Damien Kulash.  Apparently they put together a six song album as a group called 8in8 and had it available for download.  It’s got this amazing song about Nikola Tesla.

Anyway, not much to report.  Working on finishing a novel.  If I ever finish this one, it will definitely be one of my favorite works I’ve done.  It’s one I talked about in the past, with a more mathematical angle that’s going to get complicated.  I’ve probably within fifty pages of finishing it and I’m loving it.


One Response to “Rule Number One…”

  1. Haven’t seen or heard from you in tangent or email or phone form in forever. Still alive? Creative juices must be running in your head & you are probably writing up a storm!

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