Expanding on the Last Post…

November 26, 2011

At work, there’s a new girl working in the whey plant.  The sister in-law of one of the group leaders, she’s been there a few weeks.  And it’s been suggested that she and I date or hook up or whatever.  I have two rules that this falls in violation of:

  1. No dating coworkers.
  2. No dating until something has been legitimately published.

Regardless of the second rule, coworkers have a bad relationship history at my current place of employment (Domestic violence and drug abuse abound!  Seriously!).  So yeah, never going to happen.  Not like I need anymore distractions anyway.


One Response to “Expanding on the Last Post…”

  1. Kelly said

    #1 is def. good call.
    #2 is rather harsh on yourself, though. You don’t know how long that may take, and while I’m rooting for you being published sooner over later, I guess I feel sad that you’re holding that over yourself. Don’t think I’m being condescending of your rules, not what I’m saying, but that’s a high standard- and there’s nothing wrong with that- but it’s a bit painful.

    Of course, I say that, but I’m waiting to see what happens on the job front first so same difference.

    Have you tried the local papers & magazines- would 7 days publish you for a small piece?

    They can say all they want; you’ve got good wits and you know other muses will come along.

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